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Take the Advice of a San Jose Dentist for Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening in San Jose, California you will get some very good advice from Dr. Keith Cooper whose office Contemporary Dental Arts can be found at 5150 Graves Avenue Suite 12A in San Jose, California. Those who are looking for good advice about teeth whitening and its effectiveness in certain situations are better off asking Dr. Cooper and his staff what they think would work the best for them based upon the things (such as being a smoker or tobacco user, coffee drinker or have porcelain crowns, caps or veneers that are stained) that they are dealing with personally. The reason for this is that each person’s teeth whitening in San Jose treatment options are different and customized to the person in question.

The teeth whitening in San Jose process will start out with Dr. Cooper making a soft mold of the patient’s teeth that will become the tray that the whitening gel goes in. That tray will need to be used for at least two weeks so that you will get the maximum effect of the bleaching process. You will need to use the gel for anywhere between an hour and two hours at least twice a week. Basically this is something that you are going to need to be disciplined about and remember to do at least 7 to 14 times within the two week period that Dr. Cooper tells you that you need to use the at home whitening kit for.

What about those who do not have the time (or do not want to make the time for two weeks) to do this at home? What type of teething whitening in San Jose treatment options are available to those patients of Dr. Cooper’s who choose to come into his office to have San Francisco teeth whitening done professionally? There are two types of teeth whitening procedures that Dr. Cooper uses: Zoom Whitening and Laser Whitening. Both of these take no more than sixty (60) minutes to complete and can create a very dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile and your overall feelings about yourself.

You might need to have extra treatments done or extend the length of your teeth whitening on San Jose treatment if your teeth are really stained or if you have caps, porcelain crowns or other types of cosmetic implants that are a set color already. Some dentists will say that you cannot change the coloring of these items by the bleaching (teeth whitening) process no matter how long you use the peroxide gel or how strong the concentration of the gel is. There are going to be others, like Dr. Cooper who disagree with that statement and do everything that they can to prove that the shade and color of dental implants can indeed be changed by changing the procedure that they are using to make these changes. It is well worth the time to simply go and see Dr. Cooper and get his advice and opinion about the matter and find out.

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