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Santa Rosa Tooth Whitening by Dr. Klim 

Tooth whitening in Santa Rosa, California has excelled in providing premier dental services to the patients. Catering to their basic dental needs, Dr. James Klim, DDS provides exceptional tooth whitening treatments to the people of Santa Rosa. 

Being one of the finest cosmetic dentists in this region, Dr. James Klim offers comprehensive treatments that combine both science and art and precise skills that help in improving your life. With the use of some of the latest and the advanced technologies in dentistry, Dr. Klim efficiently creates dazzling white smiles to brighten up your lives. 

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Klim 

Dr. Klim is an expert cosmetic dentist who primarily focuses on high-tech cosmetic, restorative and neuromuscular reconstructive dentistry. A graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Dr. Klim spends hundreds of hours in educating himself to hone his dentistry skills. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of Laser Dentistry, California Dental Association and many more. 

Tooth Whitening by Dr. Klim 

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments requested by people in Santa Rosa, California. Utilizing the next-generation tooth whitening treatments, Dr. Klim rejuvenates you smile and your life as well. The advanced technologies today allow you to whiten your teeth much faster and more effectively than before. 

Tooth whitening is a very simple treatment procedure that can help in making your smile even more youthful.  The technology of tooth whitening has come a long way now, and this has been possible with the use of proper prescription, application and safe and healthy tooth whitening systems. As tooth whitening treatments in an unhealthy dental condition can be severe, it is important to have an experienced dentist to assist you. 

Zoom Tooth Whitening 

Dr. Klim offers Zoom! tooth whitening system to all his patients in Santa Rosa. Zoom! is known to be the most effective tooth whitening treatment till date. With the use of the newest and the latest technology, you can now have whiter teeth in just a few hours. In just about one hour, you can have a bright white smile that would make you look good and feel even better about yourself. 

In fact, Zoom! tooth whitening system has earned global recognition. Utilizing proper whitening methods and healthy mouth, tooth whitening treatments can be safe and very effective. 

Most of the patients who have used Zoom! tooth whitening system in the past have experienced 5-9 shades lighter tooth color. In most of the situation, this would be enough to achieve the desired smile. In order to properly maintain the power whitening system, you can use the Home whitening method as well. 

The home whitening techniques are accomplished by the fabrication of soft mold or trays to fit onto the teeth. This is quite similar to a mouth guard, but is much thinner. These molds contain the whitening gel. When worn for an hour everyday for over a period of one month, this technique can also produce fantastic results. However, it takes much more time than the Zoom! tooth whitening system. 

According to the preference of the patients, Dr. Klim offers the kind of tooth whitening treatments they want. 

For more details, visit Dr. Klim at his Santa Rosa dental office. 

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