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The new age of cosmetic dentistry has revolutionized the treatment options available today. It wasn’t until very recently that people began seeking help for discoloration of tooth or for the stains and yellowish spots that tend to appear on the teeth over time.  

Stains and discolorations of teeth are now treated with effective tooth whitening treatments in Rockford, Illinois and in other parts of the globe. What was a vanity earlier has now become an aesthetic necessity for people – today. Having a beautiful white smile is very important almost everywhere and in every step in life. 

About the Dentist 

Dr. David A. Varland is a leading cosmetic dentist in Rockford, Illinois. He offers the best and the most advanced treatments available today. Fortunately, the 21st century has thrown the spotlight on some of the new technologies that allow remarkable transformations to be made; something that was way beyond our imagination. 

Being a renowned cosmetic dentist in Rockford, Dr. Varland holds that it is very important to build good relations with the patients- no technologies or special treatments can replace the faith and respect between the dentist and his patients. 

After graduating from the Northwestern University Dental School, Dr. Varland subsequently finished his Residency in Hospital Dentistry at the Northwestern memorial Hospital. He then joined Dr. Louis V. Fourie and continued working until Dr. Fourie retired. 

Dr. Varland is now a member of the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society, Winnebago County Dental Society and the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  He has also earned his Fellowship Award from the reputed International Congress of Oral Implantologists in the year 2004. 

About the Treatment 

Dr. Varland states that cosmetic dentistry is basically the dentistry of beautiful smiles. When a person feels unhappy about his/her smile, due to the color of teeth or due to its shape, size or alignment, one can opt for cosmetic dentistry treatments. These treatments can actually help in reshaping, resizing, re-aligning and even removing the stains from the teeth, thus giving you a fresh appeal. 

A beautiful smile can put across many positive feelings and thoughts about the person. Dr. Varlnad firmly believes that all the fields of dentistry must concentrate on cosmetic dentistry as it is one of the miraculous treatments available till date. Catering to all his patients who wish to have their dream smile, Dr. Varlnad offers effective tooth whitening procedures to all his patients in Rockford.   

Now a beautiful smile isn’t far away from you. Dr. Varland brings to you the Free Whitening for Life treatment. He offers the Nite White tooth whitening kit along with custom fitted trays with complementary treatments including cleaning, X-ray and new patient exam. This tooth whitening treatment is quite similar to the take home kits that come with an additional tooth whitening gel. The gel is placed on the tray and is worn for several hours to get the desired whiteness. 

The Nite Whitening System can effectively remove stains and discolored hallmark of tea, coffee, tobacco and soda. You can now have this easy tooth whitening system anytime you want to. 

If you want the Free Whitening for Life, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Varland in Rockford, Illinois.

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