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Advanced Dental Care

433 Lloyd Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

Telephone: (401) 273-6780
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Finding the best dentist in Rhode Island isn’t difficult as Dr. Roger N. Carlsten, DDS is every ready to serve his patients with the ultimate dental techniques. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr, Carlsten is one of the most reputed names in this area. He offers the best dental care to his patients, utilizing some of the most advanced technologies and equipments, in a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Advanced Dental Care is located conveniently in Rhode Island, which makes it easer for the patients to reach the clinic for treatment; it is just a couple of minutes from the Downtown.

Why the Best Dentist?

Dr. Carlsten is undoubtedly the best dentist in Rhode Island, considering his years of experience and skills in his practice. He has been associated with some of the most reputed dental associations, and is a well recognized personality.

It is his work and his dedication that has made Dr, Calrsten the person that he is today. He is more a friend than a dentist to his patients.

Services Offered:

Dr. Carlsten offers an array of dental services to his patients in Rhode Island

Cosmetic Restoration

Cosmetic restorations help in restoring a single tooth or a few damaged or decayed teeth. The aim is to restore these teeth in order to provide a natural feel and esthetic look to the mouth. There are many procedures involved in cosmetic restorations that can help in coping up with damaged, decayed, crooked or chipped teeth.

Preventative Treatments

Preventative treatments involve the care that we usually need to take on our own. These aren’t typical treatments but measures to help yourself in developing healthy teeth and gums to prevent further problems, usually, the methods involve routine cleaning, checking and evaluating.

There are various other preventive measures like night guards, snore guards, sleep apnea remedies, sealants, fluoride treatments and many more.


It is the latest revolutionary technique that helps in brightening your smile. Invisalign is basically the invisible braces that help in improving the alignment of your teeth without interfering with your appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Both Zoom teeth whitening and tray teeth whitening systems are used by Dr. Carlsten in Rhode Island. Using these methods it is now actually possible to improve the color of your teeth without causing any pain or bleeding. These are non-invasive whitening options that will give you dramatically whiter teeth in hours.

Tooth Replacement

Methods for replacing teeth, such as crowns and bridges are also used for advanced stages.

Periodontal treatment

Treating the teeth is not all that you need; your gums also demand proper care and attention. It is important to eliminate gum infections, inflammation and also bone loss with the help of periodontal treatments.

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment involves root canal therapy, which is the last resort for preventing extraction. It is implemented when the decay reaches the pulp of a tooth and causes pain and discomfort.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery involves extractions, wisdom teeth biopsies and bone grafting are a few examples.

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