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Professional Teeth Whitening in Montgomery, Alabama

Professional teeth whitening services are offered in some of the major cities in the nation. Currently there are various teeth whitening procedures that can remove stains and discoloration from the inner layers of your teeth to give you a glistening, white smile.

Cosmetic dentists in Montgomery, Alabama offer exclusive teeth whitening services to their patients. These professional methods of whitening involve various procedures using chemicals and whiteners to remove the surface stains. Of late, countless treatments and methods have come up. This actually offers people an opportunity to try out various options to suit their budget and lifestyle.

Professional teeth whitening in Montgomery is not new. These treatments have existed for quite some time now, and are indeed the most requested ones. Expert Cosmetic Dentists are trying to cater to the needs of thousands of patients who have problems with discolored and stained teeth.

Staining of teeth is a common complain. Dentists advise that it is important to identify the cause of stains before seeking a treatment. Identifying the cause would help in removing the stains successfully, and also prevent the same from re-appearing once again.

Some of the commonly used professional teeth whitening treatments in Montgomery are:

Laser Teeth Whitening

Lasers teeth whitening is deemed as the most effective of all methods available till date. Considering the efficacy of the treatment and the immediate results that can be seen, laser teeth whitening remains the most trustworthy method of teeth whitening.

This method involves the use of a laser beam. Prior to the use of lasers, a peroxide gel is applied on the upper layers of the patient’s teeth covering the teeth completely while isolating the gums. The peroxide gel used for this purpose is usually highly concentrated. However, it is mild on the teeth and helps in cleansing the stains gently.

Laser teeth whitening is the only procedure that helps in transforming your stained teeth into pearly, white ones within minutes. The complete procedure is just a matter of 60 minutes, and you can be back to work with a fresh set of teeth.

Dentist-Supervised Teeth Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening trays are usually given to patient post laser teeth whitening. This is the best way of maintaining the achieved whiteness. However, in some cases patients who cannot attend 60 minutes sessions are given these whitening trays to be used at home.

Dentist-supervised teeth whitening trays are prepared by experts. This is also a professional method, during which the patient has to visit the dentist at least 3 times. During the first visit the Dentist takes required measurement for preparing trays. Once the tray is prepared, the patient needs to come for a second visit during which the Dentist would hand over the custom made tray to the patient, along with the teeth whitening gel (peroxide). The procedures of using these trays are clearly demonstrated.

Usually, the procedure takes approximately 7 to 14 days to produce best results. However, in some cases if the stains are not very dark, chances are that patients might see certain changes within a day or two.

In case if the tray becomes loose, it must be changed, and that will need another visit.

All these services are available in Montgomery, at affordable rates.

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