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Pomona Tooth Whitening Dr. Jeffrey B. Thomas

For excellent and personalized tooth white treatments, you must come to Pomona, California. 

Dr. Jeffrey B. Thomas, an eminent cosmetic dentist in Pomona offers superior quality dental care to his patients in Pomona with clean, comfortable and modern techniques. His main goal is to make all his patients feel good about them. He aims to make your visit a pleasant and memorable one with his painless tooth whitening treatments and other required dental treatments. He believes in treating all his patients fairly and through friendly communication and outstanding customer service. 

Dr. Jeffrey B. Thomas – An Overview 

A graduate of the University of Pacific, Dr. Thomas has practiced in Southern California and concentrated all his efforts in creating beautiful smiles. He practices general dentistry with and stresses on bridge, crown, oral surgery, removable prosthetics, periodontology, endodontics and dental implants. 

Dr. Thomas has been learning latest skills by taking part in various ongoing dental education conferences and symposiums. Through his educational activities and practice, he has succeeded in gaining valuable experience in numerous dental procedures and settings. He aims to provide gentle, sincere, safe and competent dental care to his patients. He is also committed to patient participation and patient education in attaining superior-quality dental health. 

Tooth Whitening Gaining Popularity in Pomona, California 

Tooth whitening treatments are extremely popular in Pomona, California. A beautiful smile can actually go a long way to enhance your look and to boost your self confidence. Dr. Thomas offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services including tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, boding, implants, bridges etc. 

Whole tooth whitening treatments helps in getting rid of ugly stains and discoloration of tooth, bonding and veneers can help in fixing broken, chipped, stained or cracked teeth. It can as well treat gaps between teeth to enhance your appearance. Enamel shaping helps in improving the appearance of your teeth by contouring or removing enamel. 

In some cases where the teeth are usual crooked or crowded or are not properly aligned, braces might be needed. Missing tooth can also be replaced with new improved cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Dental complications are very common everywhere, especially problems with tooth color or stain. Over time your teeth tend to darken or discolor due to many factors like smoking, tea, coffee, soft drinks, red wine and other beverages, tobacco, medications etc. Age is also another factor that can cause discoloration of teeth. Tooth whitening or bleaching is a simple and painless procedure that can help in eliminating these stains from your teeth, thereby giving you 7-10 shades lighter and brighter teeth color. But before the procedure is performed, Dr. Thomas believes in identifying the actual cause of the discoloration to provide exclusive treatment for the condition. 

In just one appointment, Dr. Thomas can understand the actual cause of the condition after certain examinations. The medical history of patients can also lay a great role here. After identifying the cause, the treatment is performed under the supervision of Dr. Thomas and his team of expert cosmetic dentists. 

For more information on tooth whitening procedures and how it is done, you must seek an appointment with Dr. Thomas at his Pomona, California dental office.

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