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Pioneering Teeth Whitening Solutions for People in Fresno, California

Teeth whitening solutions are the latest and the most happening solution to dental problems. With a sizeable chunk in the city of Fresno complaining about discoloration of teeth and development of ugly patches and stains, the teeth whitening treatments have turned out to be the best solution for them. 

Medical science has reached great heights and there’s no doubt about it, and with the advent of such excellent procedures that can whiten teeth and dramatically change one’s appearance, these procedures truly deserve applause and so do the cosmetic dentists in Fresno. Our cosmetic dentists are exceptionally well-trained and also hold degreed from some of the reputed Universities in the state. 

Dr. Tamer Michiel and his team of experts together form the leading solution to dental problems in Fresno, California.  They provide the residents of Fresno with excellent Family Dental Care that includes cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Tamer Michiel is truly dedicated and committed to his patients and offers personalized care and treatment to each patient according to their needs and comfort. He intends to exceed the level of expectation that his patients have. 

Dr. Tamer Michiel has spent more than half of his life in Fresno and is a Fresno State graduate. Later he switched over to UC, San Francisco where he then graduated for the Dental School. Then coming back to Fresno once again, he completed his General Practice Residency at the University Medical Center Hospital. He still believes in continuing his learning process which would help him in learning all about the latest advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry, thus allowing him to serve his patients in Fresno even better. 

Dr.Tamer Michiel believes that cosmetic dentistry is one of the exceptional concepts in the field of medical science that can actually alter the color, shape, size and alignment of a person’s teeth. There are aesthetic techniques for treating missing teeth, close gaps and even restoration of teeth. Some of the commonly used procedures include teeth whitening, caps, bonding, crowns, contouring, veneers and reshaping. 

The most preferred methods for teeth whitening in Fresno are the chemical processes that can be used for lightening teeth. While some people opt for Sacramento teeth whitening procedures in order to reduce the stains and make them disappear completely over time, some others choose to have a brighter and whiter smile. This discoloration mainly occurs in the enamel of the teeth and is usually caused due to tea, coffee, medication and smoking. In some rare cases however, genetic factors can be responsible for the formation of stains and discoloration of teeth. 

Dr. Tamer Michiel offers both in-office as well as take-home teeth whitening solutions. While the in-office teeth whitening treatments are a bit expensive and can whiten your teeth in just about an hour or so, the take-home teeth whitening kits are less expensive and take almost a week to show results. If you want immediate results, the in-office treatments would be the best solution for you.  

For further details and for the best solution you must contact Dr.Tamer Michiel at his Fresno dental office.

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