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Dr. Ken Cirka, DMD –Philadelphia Dentistry

1601 Walnut Street, Suite 1302
Philadelphia, PA

Telephone: (215) 568-6222

URL: http://www.phillydentistry.com/

If you’ve always wanted a movie star like smile, and you didn’t know how to go about it, its time for you to understand your dental concerns.

Maintaining your oral health conditions is the first step to a great smile. In order to achieve the best smile to attract others, you need the best dentist in Pennsylvania. Dr. Ken Cirka provides excellent dental services in Pennsylvania, and his only aim is to provide his patients with a great smile and above all a good oral health.

Why the Best Dentist?

Dr. Cirka is rated amongst the best dentists in Pennsylvania because of his dedicated services and years of experience. He is indeed an exceptional personality and dentist who has refined the clinical artistry. He ensures best quality services to all his patients and superior quality care too. He has also been acknowledged as the “Top Dentist” in Pennsylvania by Consumer Research.

In fact, Dr. Cirka has a solution to all your dental problems. The services offered here at his dental clinic are per excellence.

Services Offered:

As one of the most preferred and the best dental service providers in Pennsylvania, Dr. Cirka and his team of expert professionals intend to provide the best quality services. You are not just a patient to them once you enter the clinic, but you are more like a family. They are gentle and they strive to make you and each and every patient feel comfortable with the ambience.

Dr. Cirka offers various dental services, including:

Comfortable Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry emphasizes on the look of your teeth and your smile. These methods of treatment help in bringing about the best smiles by making certain rectifications.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most poplar and most requested procedures is teeth whitening. It helps in bringing out the best in a person. The methods of teeth whitening have been divided into 2 categories: in office teeth whitening and tray bleaching.

The in-office teeth whitening method is pretty fast and effective. The popular Zoom treatment is used in Pennsylvania.

The tray bleaching treatment is equally effective, but it takes time to produce results.

These methods of whitening can remove dark and difficult stains with ease.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It is a typical branch of dentistry that emphasizes on the artistic values. It helps in enhancing the smile of a person by incorporating various techniques. There are methods to rectify chips, cracks, stains and missing teeth in this branch. The options in cosmetic dentistry are overwhelming, that includes porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, cosmetic bridges and crowns, and implant restoration.

Dental Makeovers

Sometimes makeovers are required for the overall mouth in order to maintain a balance of all the teeth. Such treatments are usually performed at Dr. Cirka’s dental office in Pennsylvania.


Invisible braces or Invisalign has become very popular these days considering the fact that you can have a beautiful smile while you are wearing braces.

Preventative Dental Care

Preventive measures taken for dental health is known to be the foundation of healthy oral health and a great smile. These treatments are important to prevent tooth decay, gum damage and other common oral health complications.

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Monday to Friday : 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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