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Pearly White Teeth: Possible with Teeth Whitening Products

Tooth whitening is at its best in Overland Park, Kansas. With cosmetic dentist like Dr. Kevin Pass, DDS, PA, people in Overland Park have been receiving the ultimate dental care that they always desired. 

Giving top priority to the smiles of his patients, Dr. Pass has introduced some breakthrough technologies that can transform your lives in just a few hours. Dr. Pass along with his team of dedicated professionals provide personalized and gentle care to the patients; something that they truly deserve. 

Dr. Pass from Overland Park 

Dr. Pass is known to be the world’s leader in the field of dental implants and aesthetic dentistry. A graduate of the Manchester Dental School in England, Dr. Pass has practiced in England for a considerable period of time. He then went on to earn his U.S dental degree from the University of Missouri at the Kansas City Dental School. He still believes in continuing his education and advises the same to his entire team. He holds that it is extremely necessary to keep yourself updated as there are many innovative ideas coming in everyday. 

Dr. Pass firmly believes that education and preventive care are the two keys to an optimal dental health. He intends to provide his patients with dental health care as well as disease care, but prior to that he wants his patients to understand the basic difference between the two. While your dental health can be maintained from day one, disease care is only possible when you have certain dental problems. He emphasizes that we do need a dentist when we are actually not having any dental problem; a check up is needed to look into the dental health and to keep it healthy. 

Tooth Whitening by Dr. Pass

Tooth whitening or bleaching is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures in Overland Park, Kansas. This is basically a non-invasive dental procedure that can be used for changing the natural color of the tooth enamel to enhance the teeth and the smile of an individual. 

Since having a radiant smile and whiter teeth have become an aesthetic concern almost everywhere, numbers of tooth whitening methods have cropped up very recently. The most popular tooth whitening method however is the home tooth whitening system that can dramatically whiten your teeth. Since this method of tooth whitening works on the natural enamel of our tooth, it is very important to replace the old crowns or fillings for proper effects. Replacement of all these restorations can be done later on. 

Tooth whitening isn’t a permanent remedy however; you might need touch-ups from time to time. 

Dr. Pass stresses on the various cases of tooth discoloration that includes food habits like coffee, wine, tea and lifestyle habits like smoking. Other reasons include fluorosis, stains caused by medications etc. 

This method of tooth whitening usually takes two visits. At the very fist visit, an impression would be taken of the teeth for designing the clear fabricated plastic trays. At the second visit, the dentist would give you the tray along with the tooth whitening gel to be worn at home at your leisure. After wearing these trays for a period of 7-10 days, you can see dramatic results. 

For more on tooth whitening, consult Dr. Pass at his Overland Park dental office. 

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