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Teeth whitening depends from individual to individual, some want to brighten their teeth even more after going through the tooth whitening process. Your teeth are unique and abusing it by will by no means result in anything good. It has also been proved that some whitening toothpastes many cause harm to the enamel and gum irritation as well and can wear it down. Estimates show that $138.8 million was spent on tooth whitening procedures in the dental office.

Side Effects of Tooth Whitening

There are not many people who experience side effects after going through the process of tooth whitening. There are some who experience some kind of sensitivity either during or after the treatment. They can be described as sharp shooting pains coming from the teeth. This however does not last for long and wears off in 48 hours. The dentist will prescribe a mousse or special gel to apply to your teeth to help reduce the sensitivity. During this period it is advisable to stay away for hot or cold food and drinks.

Meet the Dentist

Dr Gavrila believes in the dental philosophy of total commitment to solving your dental problems. She has been practicing for about 20 years and believes in being proactive when it comes to treating her patients plus in educating herself with the latest technology in dentistry. Dr. Gavrila  has membership to “The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry” , “The Advanced Cosmetic Interdisciplinary Dental Study Club”, “The Newport Harbor Study Club”, “The Academy of General Dentistry”,” The American Dental Association”, “The California State Dental Association” and “The American Equilibrium Society” to name a few. 
She is certified and extensively trained so as to treatment TMJ-TMD, Invisalign and implant restoration. She is well known in Ontario California most importantly her patients trust her since she works with passion always aiming in providing the best services. Dr. Gavrila is also the pioneer dentist to have earned an award for her zeal from the esteemed “Dawson Centre for Advanced Dental Study”.

Tooth Whitening Procedure.

Dr. Gavrila works with state-of-the-art technology and her service provides comfortable dental care. Dr. Gavrila and her team are certified, licensed and well trained in the process of tooth whitening. Discolored and stained teeth caused because of the consumption of certain types of foods are first examined at the clinic. Dr. Gavrila takes you through a consultation process to discuss if the tooth whitening procedure is viable or no. You can choose to get your tooth whitening done by either the in-house procedure or the at-office procedure. In both cases a custom made tray is made that will snugly fit both your upper and lower set of teeth. The whitening gel is also provided for the at-home process. The gel can be put into the tray, which is then fitted to the teeth for a few hours everyday for a certain time or even during the night. In both cases the results are dramatic and it results in brighter whiter teeth.

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