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Natural Teeth Whitening Just Got Better

Teeth whitening is now something everybody does as a matter of routine. Beauty treatments more often than not today include creating a perfect smile, i.e. teeth whitening. There are many methods available, each one better than the last since the latest technology is applied with every new product. The results with the chemical bleaches are fast and dazzling. Nonetheless, today the global market is shifting towards natural (read, without chemicals) products.

This is why there is a great emphasis on developing and promoting natural teeth whitening products vis-à-vis the standard bleaching agents that are used, i.e. hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

The trend for natural teeth whitening is growing and in response to the growing demand there is a lot of improvement in these natural products. The most common of all are the toothpaste with herbal ingredients that help removing plaque, and stains from the enamel over a period of time. Some of these ingredients are bamboo powder, silica, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride and so on. These are great products which do work very well. However, they are slow in showing results and need to be used regularly.

The Advantages Provided By Natural Teeth Whitening Products

There are many advantages that the use of natural teeth whitening products. Some of the most important one are mentioned below:

1. Safe – the first and foremost on the list is that these natural teeth whitening products are very safe as compared to their chemical counterparts. The impact on the enamel of the teeth as well as on the soft tissues of the mouth is minimal, if at all. This is why most people prefer these products even when the results are much slower to see.

2. No side effects – there are no side effects from using these natural ingredients and hence, even if the products are not used as indicated, you would never find yourself with any negative results.

3. Simple yet scientific – most of the natural remedies are simple, easy to do and are based on plain science. Substances such as common salt, baking soda, vitamin C and the like do improve the color of the enamel which can be explained scientifically. The herbs and natural ingredients that go into the natural teeth whitening products are based on thousands of years of wisdom on ancient civilizations. Their impact has been proved scientifically and in many cases adopted by the modern science and medicine.

Other things that can improve the color of teeth without the use of chemicals are the proper habits for oral hygiene. You need to avoid abuse of beverages such as tea, coffee coca cola and the like. It is said that anything that could stain a white T-shirt can stain your teeth as well.

Did you know that adding a few drops of tea tree oil can prevent bacteria formation and bad breath. So does green tea and essential oils of almond, peppermint and spearmint. These ingredients are now found in most of the herbal teeth whitening systems and products enhancing their capacity to ensure overall oral health besides improving the color of your teeth. This is one of the main reasons why people are slowly shifting from chemical products to natural products.

Another major factor is that the natural teeth whitening products are far more affordable than their counterparts making it easier to experiment with them. The experimentation usually creates a good impact and the person who tried it for curiosity, most often than not becomes a lifelong user of these products.

Overall the natural products have improved over their chemical counterparts which has resulted in increased demand and popularity for the herbal products.

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