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Use Minneapolis teeth whitening to eliminate discoloration of teeth

Smiling in a crowd for many people is a big task as they feel embarrassed to show off their discolored teeth. However instead of feeling pity for oneself, it is better to do something for this discoloration, like opting for some teeth whitening procedure to whiten your teeth.

There are different procedures adopted for teeth whitening, where Minneapolis teeth whitening is one of these procedures. To understand the concept of teeth whitening, you have to first understand how and why your teeth discolor. Most teeth stains are due to aging, coffee, tea and tobacco. Even too much of antibiotics like tetracycline and too much of fluoride can lead to teeth discoloration.

Various treatment options in Minneapolis teeth whitening

There are numerous treatment options associated with Minneapolis tooth whitening, which includes over the counter whitening systems, toothpastes meant for whitening and the latest inception, laser tooth whitening. According to experts, the best method for maximum whitening is using hydroxide peroxide.

Today, people tend to prefer using supervised bleaching procedures for teeth whitening. This procedure can be done at home and in the office where in some cases, the whole process is done in the office using a light or heat source. This light or heat source is used to actually speed up the bleaching process.

In some cases, the oral health care professional starts the procedure in the office, and then instructs you on completing it at home. They provide the material you will need to complete at home. There is another option of Minneapolis teeth whitening, where you can do the whole procedure at home.

Night guard vital bleaching can be done at home

These procedures that are done at home are called night guard vital bleaching. This procedure is done placing a bleaching solution, which is a peroxide mixture in a tray or night guard. The oral health professional would have custom fitted this tray for your mouth prior to this.

The bleaching solution that is used for teeth whitening is of different potencies and should be worn for an hour or throughout the night. It is up to the dentist to tell you how long you have to use the bleaching solution, the right potency for your teeth whitening based on how much discoloration your teeth has undergone, and your budget.

Teeth whitening is not effective in whitening fillings

Minneapolis teeth whitening is effective in whitening most forms of removal of stains that are caused by coffee, tea, age and tobacco. However other types of stains, like those caused by tetracycline and excess fluoride tends to respond less reliably to bleaching.

However, before you actually consider trying out teeth whitening, you have to remember that if there is a tooth filling, when you undergo bleaching, the filling remains yellow as dental restorations don’t change in color with teeth whiteners.

Side effects of Minneapolis teeth whitening

There are some minimal and tolerable side effects associated with Minneapolis tooth whitening. Some patients have experienced discomfort with short term side effects with bleached teeth.

The temperature sensitivity in the teeth can also be increased with hydrogen peroxide, especially if you use stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, some people experience gum irritation with night guards.

The excessive use of over the counter home bleaching products for teeth whitening only leads to wearing away of the tooth enamel. This is most prevalent in solutions that have acid in them; and this is why it is better to conduct this procedure under the eye of a dentist or a professional oral health care provider.

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