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Laser Teeth Whitening - Pros and Cons Revealed 

A smile is the most wonderful expression of human beings and is irreplaceable. And if your smile is unclean and yellowish, it would make your appearance dull and ugly. In order to replace your stained, yellow smile with a bright, white one you need a specialized treatment that targets the spots and marks and cleans them inside out.

laser lightTeeth whitening treatments have now gained immense popularity all over the nation. However, if you are thinking about the whitening toothpastes and whitening strips as a proposed option, I am afraid you are not on the right path. Although these products can help in removing stains, but it takes months to show results. Also, you must use these products on a regular basis to get rid of stains completely. There is no assurance as to when you would get the kind of whiteness that you desire.

So, what could be a quicker and better option?

Well, its laser teeth whitening.

It is true that oral health care must start at home. However, simple brushing and flossing doesn’t take care of decade old stains contributed by foods that we eat, beverages that we drink, cigarette smoking, tobacco etc. Keeping the outer layer clean doesn’t serve the purpose, the stains are usually deep-rooted and it is important to remove them from within.

Laser teeth whitening have too has many advantages. But to begin with, you must understand how the procedure is conducted.

The steps begin with cleaning of the teeth and removal of plaque from the layers of teeth. Following this, your dentist will apply peroxide gel to your teeth and leave it for a couple of minutes. The gel used is strong enough to fight the stains and perform maximum cleaning. With the gel applied on the teeth, it needs to be exposed to laser beam for activating the procedure. This would take an hour for the complete procedure, and the results are extraordinary.

At least 7 to 10 shades lighter teeth color can be expected.

Laser teeth whitening have countless advantages. To begin with:

  • It is the quickest option for whitening, as it produces immediate results.

  • It is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t cause bleeding or pain during or even after the treatment is done.

  • Most of the times, no anesthesia is required for the treatment, as the method is least painful.

  • Laser teeth whitening are safe. It doesn’t have any side effects, nor does it cause any damage to the teeth.

  • For people who have a fear for dental treatments, laser teeth whitening would be a pleasant experience.

  • Laser teeth whitening works against stubborn stains like tetracycline stains, tobacco stains and even deep rooted grey stains.


  • The biggest disadvantage of laser teeth whitening treatment is the cost involved. It is an expensive treatment that produces immediate results. However, most people feel that they are willing to pay the price for such quick results.

  • In some cases, tooth sensitivity has been reported post laser teeth whitening. However, dentists claim that the teeth that were already sensitive before the procedure might have become even more sensitive following the same.

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