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Laser Technology For Teeth Whitening

Laser technology for teeth whitening is quick, but expensive

Smiling with discolored teeth is difficult for most people, of all ages. In fact, to many, this is what causes some social stigma to them when in public places. However instead of brooding over the topic, something can be done to treat discolored teeth. And one suitable option is using laser technology for teeth whitening.

This is because it is possible to treat discoloration of teeth both quickly and easily with the help of laser technology. The number of visits one requires for whitening teeth depends on the sensitivity of your teeth. However in most cases, only one visit is sufficient to restore the color of your teeth.

Why choose laser technology over traditional methods?

It is possible to use traditional tooth whiteners, in the comfort of your home. However with laser technology, you can get results as quickly as possible. This is the main reason why people prefer using laser teeth whitening over traditional methods, although it may be more expensive.

However if you are on a budget, and money is a factor, then of course, it is possible to use other teeth whiteners for getting rid of discolored teeth. However you will not be able to get as good and as quick results as you would from laser technology.

If you think of getting your teeth whitened using a home teeth whitening kit, available at the local drug or grocery store, you need only pay a few dollars for it. The most you may receive in the kit would be whitening toothpaste in such kits. Of course, it is possible to get the more sophisticated gel or molding based whitening kits for cheaper than $100.

However if you think of using laser teeth whitening, you may have to pay more than this, somewhere between the range of $500 to $1,000 to get your teeth whitened. It all depends on your teeth, how much of whitening you require, the dentist you approach and any extra services that the dentist may provide you like scaling of plaque and teeth cleaning.

Understanding laser technology for teeth whitening

When compared to other tooth whitening techniques, laser teeth whitening as some similarities as it uses tooth bleaching or whitening gel for the process. First the dentist will clean your teeth in the normal way. This is to ensure that all plaque and debris, that would hamper the whitening process is removed.

He or she than applies this gel to the teeth surface, and then with the direct aiming of the pulse of laser light on the teeth, its whitening ingredients get activated. The main reason laser is used here is to accelerate the process with the activation of the whitening gel.

Many people get happy with the results within one of its session. However sometimes, several sessions with the gel and laser may be required if the teeth has lots of staining or discoloration to be removed.

After all this laser technology, you experience immediate white teeth. However there are some side effects accompanied by side effects with laser technology. The main side effect of this technology is that people who are sensitive may experience irritation of both the teeth and gums.

However as this irritation is a consequence of the whitening process, it usually stops once the treatment is over, wherein the teeth and gums have sufficient time to heal. However those who don’t have any sensitive teeth or gums, and experience no negative reactions with the tooth whitening gel or laser pulses and can afford it, then laser teeth whitening can help create a transformed and instant smile.

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