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Inexpensive Teeth Whitening Procedures in Atlanta, Georgia 

Dazzling white teeth and a radiant smile is the best way to begin your day. Greeting everyone with a lovely smile can make your day a pleasant one. But having such beautiful pearly whites and maintaining them for long doesn’t really seem possible these days. With the increasing number of people opting for teeth whitening procedures for whitening their teeth, it seems like the natural whiteness of the teeth has disappeared completely. However, an individual cannot be blamed solely for this cause.

Factors contributing to the development of stains in our teeth.  

  • Age plays a major role in the discoloration of teeth.

  • Our food habits, excess red wine, certain beverages like tea, coffee and cola can cause discoloration of teeth.

  • Certain medications, especially tetracycline based can lead to the formation of stains.

  • Genetic factors can also be responsible for the discoloration of teeth.

Irrespective of what the primary cause is, teeth whitening procedures can remarkably improve the whiteness of the teeth by making it almost 9 shades lighter and whiter than usual. 

The teeth whitening procedures in Atlanta are quite reasonable and almost anyone can afford it. With some of the best cosmetic dentists here in Atlanta, patients now no longer feel the need to hide themselves out of shame or guilt, rather they can simply visit Dr. Debra Gray King and change the way they look.  

Dr. Debra Gray king is a well known cosmetic dentist here in Atlanta having vast experience and expertise in her field. She happens to be one of the two leading female cosmetic dentists in the world with such level of competency, according to the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. King is often known as the “leading female cosmetic dentist” by her peers. Being the pioneer in the filed of cosmetic dentistry, since July 2003, Dr. King is one of those 40 dentists in the world who has been accredited and has achieved the Fellowship status with he American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Being such an expert in her field, Dr. King believes in listening to her clients, their problems and the kind of result that the want to achieve. Tuscan teeth whitening is one of the common issues reported to Dr, King and during the treatment or the whitening procedure, she believes in guiding her patients and educating them about the cause and the effect of the stains formed. 

Dr. King does not really prefer the laser teeth whitening treatments as these methods are less popular nowadays. Instead, other in-office procedures using professional activated light can be used for teeth whitening. She has succeeded in providing the best results to her patients and she can transform the color of the teeth in just about a few hours. These teeth whitening treatments are inexpensive as well unlike the lasers. Also Dr. King has special teeth whitening systems for patients having problems with teeth sensitivity. In such cases, specially designed teeth whitening materials are used for better results and for reducing sensitivity. 

Apart from in-office treatments, she also offers take-home teeth whitening kits that might take long time to complete. However, all these procedures are useful and can show results within some time. 


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