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Teeth Whitening Procedures in Louisville, Kentucky  

Teeth whitening are an aesthetic procedure that can transform one’s appearance. It is one of the finest procedures discovered for the benefit of innumerable patients suffering from some dental complications or the other.  

Discoloration of teeth is one of the most common problems everywhere in the world. With time our teeth tends to lose its original color due to the foods that we eat. Sometimes age and certain medications can also be the contributing factors. However, there is a proper solution to all these problems and latest technologies are being implemented for the benefit of all the people who have dental complaints. 

In Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Joelene Zirnheld is one of the leading cosmetic dentists offering different teeth whitening procedures to her patients. She takes great care in helping her patients look as well as feel better. A smile is everything that we have and there’s no better way of enhancing our smile than with the help of a teeth whitening procedure. 

Dr. Zirnheld is well known for her cosmetic procedures in Louisville and she is an experienced cosmetic dentist well equipped with the advanced technologies.  Although she primarily focuses on cosmetic dentistry, but the results of general dentistry and her department of hygiene are pretty impressive as well.  

Being a University of Louisville graduate with a degree of Doctor of Dental medicine (DMD), she also holds a Dental Hygiene degree from the reputed University of Kentucky’s Lexington Community College. She has great dedication for her work and assures 100% satisfaction to all her patients. 

As teeth whitening is something that is commonly practiced everywhere in the state, Dr. Zirnheld also offer teeth whitening procedures that can provide immediate results. In Louisville, she is one of the leading cosmetic dentists offering such wide range of services such as: 

Teeth Whitening 

Everyone would like to have brighter and whiter teeth. Our teeth tend to get stained over time. There are various factors that contribute to the discoloration of our teeth including age and foods. In such cases, teeth whitening are the most effective treatment that can help in lightening these stains by many shades, thus improving the overall appearance of the person.  Two major teeth whitening procedures are carried out in Dr.Zirnheld’s Louisville clinic: at-home teeth whitening and in-office teeth whitening. For the at-home procedures, a custom-made plastic tray filled with whitening gel is given to the patient to be worn for a few hours at any time. The tray has to be used for several weeks for proper results. The in-office procedure is done in 60 minutes. This is an effective procedure with less hassle involved. 


Porcelain veneers are great solutions to any problems- it can treat cracks, stains, chips, gaps and crowding. It is a singe solution to many dental problems.  


Crowns are used for treating decayed or damaged teeth. Such teeth can be restored with the use of crowns. 

Besides, Dr. Zirnhelsd also offers dental bridges, composite fillings, bonding, inlays/onlays and other such solutions to your dental problems in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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