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How Indianapolis Dentist Help With Teeth Whitening

In Indianapolis, Dr. Marla Wilson is the dentist of choice for teeth whitening. What is whitening and how is it done, you may ask? Whitening is used to repair discolored teeth from the effects of staining food and drink as well as genetics and age. A white smile is one of the first things that are noticed when someone smiles. As first impressions are everything, a white smile opens doors while a yellow smile slams them shut. There are many different procedures to whitening teeth and just as many different ways to go about this.

Dr. Wilson uses Zoom! Teeth whitening. This is the most effective and latest procedure available to whiten teeth. She uses this exclusively in her office located in Indianapolis. This procedure entails a whitening gel that has hydrogen peroxide base is applied to the enamel of the teeth and exposed by a whitening lamp. It is then removed after an hour and a five minute fluoride treatment is then administered. The results are teeth that can be up to 10 shades lighter than before the treatment. The change is very noticeable and the results can be dramatic. There are examples on her site that show the dramatic difference comparing before and after shots.

You will need simple, regular home touch ups to keep your smile your best after Jacksonville teeth whitening treatment is completed.  Dr. Wilson can help anyone in the Indianapolis area turn their smile into a million dollar smile through the use of teeth whitening. This is not an expensive procedure and Dr. Wilson is one of the most skilled dentists in Indianapolis.  She has been trained by LVI and the Rosenthal Institute and continues her education in all matters of dentistry, not just whitening. Premiere Dental care in Indianapolis is the best for whitening teeth and other matters of dentistry.

When you are looking for a dentist to do teeth whitening in Indianapolis, take into consideration the years of experience and training that the dentist in question has.  Dr. Wilson’s credentials speak for themselves.   She offers a comfortable office for dentistry work and tooth whitening is usually a comfortable proposition and takes less than one hour. If you want the best, then the best is at Premier Dental in Indianapolis. Many of her patients swear by the Zoom! Whitening procedure and there are many examples on her site of the dramatic difference that this makes in her patients.

So if you are looking for a quality dentist for teeth whitening, why not check out Premiere Dental in Indianapolis and see what a difference teeth whitening makes for you. Contact the office at 317-489-0555. She is located at 6920 S. East Street, Suite A in Indianapolis. She has office hours Monday through Thursday by appointment. You can also fill out an information form on her site to have the office contact you or to ask a question.  Premiere Dental is the way to go when speaking about teeth whitening and dentistry in Indianapolis.

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