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Dental problems are very common everywhere and one of the most frequent problems are the discoloration or staining of tooth. 

Making subtle changes to your smile can help you in projecting an image of high self-esteem and self-confidence. When you actually feel good about yourself and about what you are and what you look like, it reflect on your appearance as well. But if you have stained or discolored teeth, it can be a great set back for you in your personal life as well as in professional aspects. 

Today, with the use of advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques and the use of latest materials and equipments, it is actually possible for the cosmetic dentist to make a huge difference. With their experience, skill and commitment and a unique blend of artistry and medical science, it is now really possible to redesign and create a new smile for you literally. Dr. W.R. Harrison can make extreme smile makeovers in Grand Prairie by making subtle changes to the color of your teeth. 

About Dr. W.R. Harrison from Grand Prairie, Texas 

Dr. W.R. Harrison happens to be a leading cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie, Texas. He has received his dental training from the Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas. He has spent the initial years of his practice life in the U.S. Pubic Health Service as one of the members of the National Health Service Corporations. He holds that all these years were the golden days of his life as he got to learn many new things. He could hone his skills and also formed the philosophy of his practice which is principally based on affection and care for his dental patients. 

Dr. Harrison has more than 30 years of experience in his dental profession and is an expert in the filed of comprehensive restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. He is also known to be an exceptionally well trained sedation dentist and surgeon. Dr. Harrison believes in ongoing education and he updates himself constantly to remain active and organized. 

The Tooth Whitening Treatment 

Having a radiant and a beautiful smile is much easier now than you could possibly think of. Dr. Harrison has helped many people in achieving their dream look in just about a few days or weeks. With his simple yet effective tooth whitening treatments, you can now wear a brighter and whiter smile at any given point of time. 

Dr. Harrison offers custom bleaching splints to his patients in Grand Prairie. When you visit Dr. Harrison for the very first time for tooth whitening, impressions of your teeth would be taken. In about a day or two, you would be given your custom fitted whitening splints. These splints help in holding the bleach against your teeth and the process is activated. After wearing the splint for an hour everyday, the special bleaching gel removes the stains from the enamel to give you whiter teeth. When you get the desired results, you must stop using the splint. It can be used for touch ups if needed. 

Tooth whitening is now used for removing many such stains and discolorations of tooth caused by age, chemical damage, medications, foods etc. 

If you also want to improve your smile, visit Dr. Harrison at his Grand Prairie dental office in California. 

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