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To be able to get an absolutely bright smile by just using simple procedures of tooth whitening is unique. With the advancement in technology this is possible and you will definitely feel happier and more confident. Individuals sometimes develop a very low self esteem if their teeth are discolored and have stains. You do not have to despair now, since there are various optional products that you can choose from to get your tooth whitening done.

Advantages of Tooth Whitening

  • Many associate a beautiful dazzling smile with a healthier lifestyle and this can be easily achieved with the latest and best in tooth whitening procedures.

  • The results are quick, often within an hour with the in-office procedure, and a few days with the at-home procedure.

  • You attain a more youthful look and end up being confident.

  • 99.7% of Americans believe that a smile plays a vital role in being socially acceptable.

Disadvantages of Tooth whitening

  • Some of them will experience sore gums; this however does not last for long and is bearable as well.

  • Your teeth might get sore; this again will not last for a long time.

  • Some individuals see the immediate effect as a disadvantage, especially to the ones who you are frequently in touch with everyday.

Meet The Dentist At Fayetteville North Carolina.

Dr. Don Lane has graduated from the “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry”. Dr Lane has been practicing dentistry since 1980, and hence has immense experience with him. He has membership with the “North Carolina Dental Society” also with “American Dental Association”, and “Academy of General Dentistry” also received an award from the last association. He is gentle while treating his patients making him popular among the people of Fayetteville North Carolina. A single meeting with Dr. Lane is definite to change your perception of dentists.

Tooth Whitening Procedure

The experienced staffs working with Dr Lane are as much concerned as you, that your teeth look their best all the time. They use the latest in tooth whitening technology which is BriteSmile pro teeth whitening system which involves the most advanced state-of-the-art technology that whitens your teeth. BriteSmile contains a gentle dose of 15% of hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent and is combined with a “blue light” which is a breakthrough in technology. You can get your tooth whitening done in just one sitting and the process lasts for not more than an hour. BriteSmile is proven to be safe and definitely effective when it comes to whitening your teeth. BriteSmile can achieve average 9 shades whiter teeth which leaves the patients happy. BriteSmile can eliminate years of discoloration off your teeth. Before the procedure is done, Dr Lane and his staff check for any problems in oral health, if any it is rectified and then the tooth whitening procedure begins. You can relax during the entire process and in the end of it all, walk out confident of yourself and your smile.

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