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Teeth Whitening Treatments in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Until very recently, teeth whitening were simply vanity. However, this notion has changed of late, since even the common mass has been following this trendsetting practice that has brought about a revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry. 

We hardly think of taking care of our dental health until we experience some discomfort in eating or chewing or drinking. Problems with tooth sensitivity, toothache, gum irritation and cavities are only some of the dental concerns that grab attention. But with time our appearance and the way we present ourselves have become extremely important in the social as well as the professional front. People speak about what we wear, how we smile, what we eat and even how we talk. Though we are not one among the high profile celebrities, but there are social issues that involve us. In such places, just one blunder can make a lot of difference. Realizing all the factors, Dr. Mark M. Davis has taken up cosmetic dentistry to improve all the dental concerns in people of Tulsa. 

Our smile speaks about us -- a dazzling smile can convey many things without a word spoken. As our smile is so important, our discolored teeth should not be a hindrance. Dr. Davis intends to allow all the people here in Tulsa to smile and smile as much as they can. He offers wide range of teeth whitening techniques that can help in transforming the appearance of a person by whitening his teeth. 

Dr. Davis is a graduate of the Oklahoma State University in Microbiology. He earned his Doctorate from the same University as well. He has been practicing dentistry since 1982 and thereafter there has been no looking back. He still believes in keeping himself updated with the education of recently developing streams of dentistry and the most fascinating of which is cosmetic dentistry. He also has thorough knowledge of oral pathology, periodontics, advanced endodontics, sedation, implants, full mouth reconstruction and invisible braces. 

As teeth whitening is the most common practice being used in Tulsa, Dr. Davis takes great care in educating his patients first about the procedures and then allows them to choose the most feasible one. 

Teeth whitening with Dr. Davis can be performed in 3 ways: 

  1. The Fastest is the Zoom! In-office Raleigh teeth whitening treatment that takes about 1-2 hours. Immediate results can be seen after the treatment. After the treatment, you would be given custom-designed trays to be used at home for maintaining the whiteness of your teeth.

  2. The whitest is the Deep Bleaching treatment which is a combination of both in-office visits and at-home treatments. With just 2 dental visits and home bleaching you can get whiter teeth in very short time. This is the most effective treatment for people with difficult stains and teeth sensitivity.

  3. The free whitening treatment is provided to the patients who maintain their expected cleaning appointments and the exams in the office. They receive a free whitening gel or the bleach during those appointments for being used at home.

For any assistance, you can always visit Dr. Davis at his Tulsa Dental Office. 

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