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Adolescents Want Teeth Whitening 

Adolescents are not just bleaching their hair these days but they are also keen on the teeth whitening procedures and have been taking great interest in whitening their teeth. Teeth whitening is nott meant for everyone and mostly for children and adolescents.  

Teeth whitening procedures are usually strong and not suitable the tender gums of children and adolescents. The age factor must be considered first before bleaching the teeth. 

As this is the age of new and improved faces, teenagers are trying to make various changes in their appearance in terms of their hair, their face, their figure and their teeth. They can do almost anything to improve their appearance and look good. And for all our teen folks, their physical appearance are what makes them stand out in the crowd and is an imperative element when it concerns peer pressure as well. And this also includes their teeth. Though white teeth looks good, but it’s not right for teenagers to opt for whitening. 

There are 3 basic ways of teeth whitening, of which two procedures are to be carried out under the supervision of an experienced Dentist in the Dental Clinic and involve the use of lasers.

The third option is that of the over-the-counter teeth whitening products and kits that can be used at home. This typically includes the application of pretreated strips or whitening gels to the teeth directly for a specific period of time every day.

You can also visit the Dental Clinic for a chair side bleaching or whitening procedure in which the Dentist would apply some chemical solution to the teeth and activate the gel with a laser.

For achieving optimum results with the use of these methods, several visits to the Dental Clinic would be required.

Finally, your Dentist would provide you with bleaching trays to be used at home that can be pre-filled ready-made trays or may be custom-fitted trays in which the gel can be added as and when it is worn. The custom fitted trays are solely designed for your teeth after taking proper measurements and would be more comfortable as well. Also it would expose your teeth to the bleaching solution perfectly, thus maximizing the results. 

There is a significant difference between the over-the-counter whitening products and the ones prepared by the Dentist. The products that can be availed from a shop contain just about 5% of the whitening agent, while the ones that can be brought from the Dentist contain almost 10-15 percent of the whitening agent, which means more whitening. 

But it has been said that whether it is an in-office teeth whitening procedure or an over-the counter product, children under 14 years of age should not go for teeth whitening or foods that improve teeth whitening because their teeth are not fully developed and are still under development. If children opt for whitening their permanent teeth as well as their primary or baby teeth, it would result on discolored and mismatched teeth. 

Also, the adolescents have tender gums that can be severely damaged by the bleaching solutions. So, adolescents must not consider teeth whitening, and even if they do, they must get it done by a specialized Dentist.

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