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What is the most important feature of a human being? Well, it’s a smile. 

A bright smile is very important in every sphere of life – it makes you look good, boosts your self confidence, assures your peers, pleases your boss, makes your family happy and keeps you healthy and hearty as well. But what if you have stained teeth that prevent you from smiling? You would then be missing out on all these aspects of life for no fault of yours. 

A smile brings in hope, joy and life; it is all that takes to make you feel good about yourself. Your smile can be preserved and you need not bother about hiding your beautiful smile due to stains or discoloration of your teeth. Teeth whitening procedures have made our lives much easier and have given us a better reason to smile all the time. 

Teeth whitening are quite prevalent in every part of the world and it is even popular in Denver, Colorado. Denver is the home for great cosmetic dentists with professional excellence. They are well trained dentists who can transform your stained teeth into whiter and brighter teeth, thus allowing you to smile more often. 

Dr. Gary Radz is one of the premiere cosmetic dentists in Denver, Colorado having vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He is a reputed dentist here in Denver with an impressive clientele including local celebrities and the common mass that come to him with their dental complications. Discoloration of teeth is one of the most common problems that people have been experiencing these days and our daily habits including food and lifestyle are to be blamed for this. 

After graduating from the University Of North Carolina School Of Dentistry, Dr. Gary Radz further went on to complete two more postgraduate residency programs. His level of commitment and dedication has set him apart in his field of cosmetic dentistry.  

Dr. Radz offers a list of teeth whitening options to be chosen by the patients according to their preference. Since all the patients do not have time to visit the dental office, some of them prefer to take these teeth whitening kit back home to be used during their free time, while others settle down for the in-office teeth whitening options. 

The in-office teeth whitening solutions offered by Dr. Radz here in Devner, Colorado are the quickest and the safest as well. The process involves the application of a teeth whitening gel containing 15%-35% of carbamide peroxide, which is a chemical that produces the bleaching effect, to the teeth. Before applying the whitening gel, the lips and gums are covered with a rubber dam to avoid any contact with the gel. Depending on your method of teeth whitening, a beam of intense light or laser in some cases can be used for activating the whitening process. Dr. Radz prefers to use the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure. Results can be noticed within 60 minutes. 

Besides, Dr. Radz also offers at-home teeth whitening solutions by providing the patients with customized bleaching tray for whitening. Though the process is effective, but it takes time to produce the desired results. Other options such as whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter whitening gels and their efficacy are also explained by Dr.Radz. 

Following the treatment, he provides his patients with tips for protecting the whiteness of the teeth, which is an added bonus.

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