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Dental Veneers Can Help You Smile

Dental Veneers are basically custom-made shells of a tooth-like material, using ceramic that can cover up any deformities including uneven alignment of the tooth, spacing, cracks or chips. With the application of Dental Veneers many such deformities can be altered to give you a bright smile and make you look good. 

Dental Veneers belong to the Cosmetic Dentistry category as they can bring abut a brighter and a whither smile with beautifully shaped and aligned teeth. Additionally, the ceramic used in these Veneers are of high quality and provide a natural look altogether that cannot be distinguished. 

Irrespective of what has been the cause of you Dental deformity, these Dental Veneers can efficiently solve some of the most critical issues of Cosmetic Dentistry, including genetically deformed teeth, worn out enamel, uneven teeth, chips, cracks or wear and tear etc. 

Dental Veneers Materials: 

    1. Composite Resin
    2. Porcelain Veneers

Both of these materials, the Composite Resin as well as the Porcelain Veneers can as well be fabricated by Dental TechnicianS in a laboratory. In case of Composite Veneers, the fabrication can be done inside the mouth as well. 

Some Dental Veneers that have been indirectly fabricated, are usually bonded to our teeth with typical Resin Cement. Of these, the Porcelain Veneers are more expensive and they last longer as well. 

Dental Veneers are the most preferred option in severe cases like wear, dullness, discoloration, cracking, mild chipping, uneven teeth, spacing and chips. Though Bonding is expensive, it is an effective way of restoring small cracks and chips in the tooth, but Dental Veneers are apt for severe cases and can produce long lasting results. 

Before placing the Dental Veneers, the Dentist would evaluate your Dental Health including the gums and other Fillings if present. If there are any such defects present in the teeth, it has to be removed prior to the placement of the Dental Veneers. Veneers do not require too much of enamel removal, unlike Crowns, which makes it less painful as well. However, the process is irreversible once your enamel layer has been removed. 

Adolescents and people who are used to clenching or grinding teeth are not’t suitable candidates for Dental Veneers, since they are thin and may chip, peel, or break. One must also avoid biting their fingernails or chewing some hard objects, such as ice or pencil to prevent the Veneers from being destroyed. Similar to other Dental Restorations, Dental Veneers can as well be dislodged form time to time with wear and tear. 

Dental Veneers do not require any special maintenance or care other than just proper oral hygiene everyday. Brushing the teeth twice daily with toothpastes containing fluoride and cleaning the mouth thoroughly after every meal is very important. Flossing the teeth with a cleaner can also help in keeping the teeth in good health. Above all, it is a must that you pay a visit to your Dentist on a regular basis to maintain your teeth and prevent it from any further wear. 

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