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Dayton Tooth Whitening with Dr. Fulton

Patients here in Dayton and surrounding areas in Ohio entrust their oral health and complications to Dr. Thomas E. Fulton. He offers a comprehensive range of dental solutions that includes restorative, implant, general and cosmetic dentistry to all residents in Dayton. 

Dr. Thomas E. Fulton provides state-of-the-art practice with well equipped technologies to serve his patients with better preventive care, greater comfort and a personalized approach to dental treatment. By combining both urbane dental technologies with advanced training, Dr. Fulton offers his patients the best treatments in cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening as well. The cosmetic dental procedures offered by him includes veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, dentures, bone grafts, implant prosthetics, and implant surgery, tooth whitening and tooth-colored fillings.  

Background of Dr. Fulton 

One of the leading cosmetic dentists in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Fulton is an ex-officer of the U.S Air Force Dental Corps at the Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. He started his private practice later in Fairborn after completing his graduation from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry in the year 1969. He has now dedicated his whole life to pursuing excellence in cosmetic dentistry. 

Specialization Done By Dr. Fulton 

Dr. Fulton has also developed comprehensive knowledge as well as technical expertise in the specialized areas of implant restorative dentistry, implant surgery, cosmetic dentistry and complex restorative dentistry. After his graduation, he has further spent thousands of hours for clinical training and for studying with some of the eminent professionals in the field of dentistry. This has helped him serve his patients better. 

Tooth Whitening and Dr. Fulton 

Dr. Fulton states that tooth whitening treatment is the most widely requested dental rectification here in Dayton. He offers cosmetic tooth whitening treatments to his patients in this region. These treatments are minimally invasive and can dramatically improve your smile. With the recent advancements in the fields of tooth whitening and laser technologies, it is now really possible to have brighter and lighter teeth color in just one single office visit. 

With the use of the latest Zoom! tooth whitening system, Dr. Fulton has changed the lives of many people in Dayton for the better. Zoom! tooth whitening products are known to be the best in the business today. It delivers excellent results very quickly, safely and conveniently as well. This is indeed one of the most phenomenal techniques to be used that can dramatically enhance your tooth color. 

The Zoom! tooth whitening has become popular in Dayton and is used for people who want immediate results after the session. In just about 45 minutes, you can 7-10 shades lighter teeth in a single session. 

The process 

The process of Zoom! tooth whitening begins with the preparation of the mouth – the gums are covered properly to avoid any leakage of the gel. Only the teeth are exposed for treatment. The special Zoom! tooth whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. The exposed arts are then subjected to the special Zoom! light that breaks up the discolorations and stains on the teeth, thus leaving them whiter than ever before. 

Some patients in Dayton also prefer to wear tooth-whitening trays. These trays are worn for an hour everyday at night during sleep. Although both of these tooth whitening systems are equally effective, but while Zoom! tooth whitening is faster; the take-home trays take about one to two weeks to show results. 

For further details, contact Dr. Fulton at his Dayton dental office.

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