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Nature has shown dentists how to whiten teeth. Nature has made performance of teeth whitening a relatively easy task. As those who have taken high school chemistry may remember, all matter contains atoms. Each atom contains a nucleus, made up of protons and neutrons, and electrons, which circle around the nucleus. The electrons exist in defined energy fields.

A simple substance, such as hydrogen, has very few electrons. A crystal has a much larger number of electrons. When a substance has more electrons, it allows those electrons the chance to move into a different energy field. Such movement takes place upon activation of a crystal.

Because dentists now understand how to activate crystals, teeth whitening no longer demands labor intensive efforts. The dentist simply needs to make use of an energy source, something that can activate crystals. The dentist then must obtain teeth whitening products that contain crystals, crystals that will respond to the energy source possessed by the dentist.

During laser bleaching, the laser provides the dentist with the needed energy source. The dentist puts a gel on a patient’s teeth. Light from a laser activates the crystals in that gel. The electrons in the crystals absorb the energy from the light. The electrons then shift their position in the atoms of the crystal.

Once electrons have changed their position in an atom, they can not stay in that new position forever. The electrons slowly return to their former position, and they release energy in the process. When electrons are in a gel that has been applied to a patient’s teeth, then the electrons can penetrate the teeth enamel. That penetration of the enamel whitens the teeth.

Laser bleaching is easy, because the patient simply sits in the dentist’s chair while the dentist shines the laser light on his or her teeth. Unless a patient has very sensitive teeth, the laser bleaching procedure involves no amount of discomfort. It generally does not require a great many visits to the dentist’s office.

It might be easy to get white teeth by using laser bleaching, but that does not mean it is always easy to pay for the procedure. Laser bleaching costs about $1,000. That is twice the cost of an alternative whitening procedure.

Moreover, it is not always easy to explain to others the sudden change in the color of one’s teeth. Many people feel more comfortable with a slower whitening procedure. Not every one finds it “easy” to explain to friends and co-workers the sudden disappearance of once yellow teeth.

Britesmile Teeth whitening can make one part of teeth whitening a bit easier. Britesmile Teeth whitening is less expensive than laser bleaching. When the dentist uses Britesmile Teeth whitening, he or she does not use a laser light. A different type of light provides the dentist with an energy source, a way to activate gel crystals.

Britesmile Teeth whitening shares with laser bleaching the need for application of a gel. However, the gel used for Britesmile Teeth whitening is not the same as the gel used for laser bleaching. The gel does not feel the intense beam of a laser light. It is exposed to a light that emits something other than normal white light. (something such as ultraviolet light).

Britesmile Teeth whitening makes it easy to get a white smile. Britesmile Teeth whitening costs about $600, much less than laser bleaching. Still, patients who agree to undergo Britesmile Teeth whitening do not find it any easier to explain to friends or co-workers why they suddenly have such a white smile.

While cosmetic tooth whitening is easy to achieve, there is still no guarantee that the noticeable results will be easy to explain to others.

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