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A smile is the most expressive body part that reflects every hidden feeling. You must try to preserve the beauty of your smile from the very beginning. But if you’ve failed for some reason or the other, it’s never too late. With the latest tooth whitening treatments available in Chattanooga, Tennessee you can now whiten your teeth and wear a smile all the time with confidence. 

A Brief about Dr. Ellen Standefer Mcomie 

Dr. Ellen Standefer McOmie, one of the most popular cosmetic dentists in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers comprehensive tooth whitening treatments to his patients in her community. She offers comprehensive dental treatments for the entire family.  With Dr. McOmie in Chattanooga, Tennessee you can get comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatments ranging from latest procedures to the usual fillings. 

Dr. McOmie and her expert staffs aim to listen to the patients first. On listening to their concerns, they prefer to educate their patients about the dental concern that they are going through in order to help them understand the condition better. Dr. McOmie along with her caring and proficient staffs offers the latest and the state-of-the-art technologies and equipments to her patients for the better. 

Dr. McOmie has come up with innovative tooth whitening treatments in Chattanooga. A graduate of the Louisville School of Dentistry, Dr. McOmie offers excellent cosmetic dentistry solutions, and especially tooth whitening treatments in this region. She is a mender of the American Dental Association Council of Ethics, Tennessee Valley Dental Study Group, Tennessee Dental Association, Chattanooga Area Dental Society and many more. 

Tooth Whitening Treatments by Dr. Ellen Standefer McOmie 

Dr. McOmie offers different tooth whitening methods to her patients in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She does an in-office tooth whitening treatment that is carried out by her experienced staffs and takes just about a single visit of approximately 60-90 minutes. These procedures usually involve a few steps that include the application of some special tooth whitening gel after covering the gum with protective bands. The application of the gel is followed by the use of a special beam of light that activates the whitening process. The in-office treatments are believed to be the quickest and the most effective of all tooth whitening treatments. Also these are safer than the earlier tooth whitening options used. 

Besides, in-office tooth whitening treatments, Dr. McOmie also offers professional take home tooth whitening kits. In case of this treatment option, she and her staffs design custom fitted trays for their patients. These trays contain the whitening gel and are made to fit the teeth appropriately. This method usually takes about 7-10 days to show results. These custom fitted tooth whitening trays are to be worn at home for approximately an hour everyday for best results. It can also be worn overnight for quicker results. 

While both these tooth whitening treatments are safe to be used, the in-office treatments offer faster results and the take home treatments would take some time to show the results. If you are expecting immediate results, you must choose the in-office treatments; otherwise the take-home trays are also good enough. 

Depending on your choice, you can opt for any of these treatments after visiting Dr. McOmie in her Chattanooga dental clinic.

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