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Carbomide Peroxide Gels

Carbomide peroxide gels are effective teeth whiteners

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that forms a part of cosmetic dentistry. Many people resort to teeth whitening to get rid of discoloration of teeth caused by aging, coffee, tea, tobacco and in some cases, because of use of antibiotics and excessive fluoride. There are many options for you to choose from for your teeth whitening purposes.

However there is one point you have to remember which is that you get the best results, in the shortest time period if the teeth whitening system contains carbomide peroxide gels. This carbomide peroxide gels is nothing but the whitening agent or active ingredient found in teeth whitening systems, and is the most effective whitener gel.

Carbomide peroxide gel is found in various strengths

This carbomide peroxide gel is available in various strengths ranging from 22 – 36%, while some products have as much as 30+% of it. Though the teeth whitening product becomes more aggressive and stronger with a stronger solution of carbomide peroxide gel, you face the risk of getting sensitive teeth, discolored gums and soft tissue.

The safest concentration is found in products with 22% carbomide peroxide gel. With this strength, it is possible to see faster results in teeth whitening, while maintaining a safe level where gums and teeth are not damaged.

When you buy your teeth whitening product, remember that it is not necessary that the more you have of the product that it proves to be effective for teeth whitening. This is because most of the products have cheap fillers and inactive ingredients in them to give a larger package.

More is not always better

So using more of such products prove to be just as effective as using little of a product of higher concentration. So the secret here lies in using products from reputable companies and not just at the amount the products offers.

The carbomide peroxide gel that is found in a product breaks down in the mouth, to produce hydrogen peroxide and urea. This hydrogen peroxide then breaks down into water and more importantly, oxygen. It is this oxygen that penetrates your teeth so that it can safely and effectively oxidize stains.

Carbomide peroxide gel breaks down into a third of hydrogen peroxide, to ensure an 18% carbomide peroxide solution. It is mainly because carbomide peroxide is a stable ingredient, when compared to hydrogen peroxide, that it has become a popular option for home tooth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable ingredient that tends to weaken quickly if not kept in a cool place like a fridge.

Choose your carbomide peroxide gel based on sensitiveness of teeth

When choosing your carbomide peroxide gel, remember that the 22% carbomide peroxide gel works better than strong gel as it works harder at breaking down itself into hydrogen peroxide, and then oxygen to whiten your teeth. This is a good option if you have sensitive teeth and have to leave the product on overnight.

The stronger version gel of carbomide peroxide that has a concentration of 36% works better than the 22% one. However as it is a stronger option, you have to remember that it requires shorter treatment time. You need to use it only for two 40 minute sessions per day, or maximum, three sessions in a day.

This is the better option if you have heavily stained teeth where you may require a month for your teeth to whiten as required. However you will have to follow instructions to get a shade that is about eight shades lighter than the first shade you start out with.

There is also a possibility of some people experiencing sensitivity with this product; its main advantage is that it requires a short treatment time.

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