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Bleaching Teeth is a Simple Way to Restore Your Smile

A great smile is the first requirement of a pleasant personality and a good first impression. The secret behind a dazzling smile is bright pearly white teeth. But what will happen if your whites no longer remain so pearly anymore. Teeth tend to discolor with time. The common reasons for discoloration are drinking coffee, cola, tea, red wine, and smoking. These things often result in dark, yellowish teeth. A million dollar smile is what everyone wants and so people with yellowish teeth opt for professional teeth whitening processes.

Nowadays, there are many methods to restore a bright and dazzling white smile. You can go for porcelain veneers or composite bonding or opt for implants, but the most popular and effective way of whitening is bleaching. Teeth bleaching, which is also known as teeth whitening, is an ordinary procedure of general dentistry but occupies a special position in the discipline of cosmetic dentistry. A set of white teeth is an essential feature of a smile.

There are basically two types of bleaching.

The first method involves application of a high concentration of a suitable oxidizing agent for a small period of time. This method is known as the office bleach. Though this method is supposed to bring quick results but there are also some risks involved as there are chances of side effects such as chemical burning of the soft tissues. The common bleaching agents are carbamide peroxide that breaks down inside the mouth and forms hydrogen peroxide, or else hydrogen peroxide itself.

Another method of bleaching teeth to restore your smile is by using a thin strip or mouth guard that will hold a small concentration of a suitable oxidizing agent close to your teeth for a long period of time that can stretch from several hours a day to even a period of five to fourteen days. This process is also known as over-the-counter or take- home bleaching. Though this method is comparatively slower process than office bleach but the advantage is that there are fewer risks of damage to the soft tissues. This bleaching agent is normally less than 10% of equivalent hydrogen peroxide.

There are some guidelines to follow before your first appointment with your dentist for professional whitening, discuss what you want after your bleaching process, to understand and choose the best option amongst the different options available, know more about the process itself, associated risks and limitations. The common risks include temporary increase in sensitivity of teeth and slight irritation of the soft tissues inside the mouth and especially tissues of the gums. Also talk about your dentist about your cavities, if any, as all big cavities should be addressed before the process of bleaching takes place.

Bleaching teeth is a simple way to restore your smile and professional whitening is a simple and effective tool for it. This will last from one to about ten years. It depends on how much clean you keep your teeth and your usage of products like tobacco, coffee etc.

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