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Best Dentist in Michigan

Comfort Dental Spa
 33966 W 8 Mile Rd, Ste 104
Farmington Hills, MI 48335


Best Dentist:

Dr. Aziza Askari DMD, MBA, FAGD

Dr. Askari is a well known Cosmetic Dentist in the Michigan area and is considered one of the best dentist in Michigan. She received her Bachelor’s in Pharmacology at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and also graduated with honors at Temple University School of Dentistry with a highly sought after degree in DMD/MBA. She has been awarded many times by the University of Michigan for advanced education in Dentistry. Dr Askari continues to regularly attend and obtain over 150 credit hours of continuing education for the latest treatments and procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are looking for the best dentist in Michigan, Dr. Askari is one of the best out there.

Best Procedures and Treatments:


  •  Bone Grafting
  •  Bruxism
  •  Crown Lengthening
  •  Gum and Jawbone Corrective Treatments
  •  Gum Grafting
  •  Gum Recession
  •  Oral Cancer Exam
  •  Periodontal Scaling
  •  Teeth Cleaning
  •  Sinus Relief
  •  Tissue Grafting

    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  •  Bone Grafting
  •  Facial Trauma Reconstruction
  •  Impacted Canines
  •  Sleep Apnea
  •  TMJ (Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  •  Wisdom Tooth Extractions

     Cleanings & Prevention

  •  X-Rays
  •  Fluoride Treatments
  •  Sealants
  •  Dental Exams/Cleanings

     Cosmetic Dentistry

  •  Dental Implants
  • Bridges
  •  Porcelain Veneers
  •  Crowns (Caps)
  • Onlays
  •  Inlays
  •  Composite Fillings
  • Dental Bonding
  •  Procera Crowns

     Dental Implants

  •  Full Arch Replacement
  •  Multiple Teeth Replacement
  •  Single Tooth Replacement


  •  Braces


  •  Inlays
  • Onlays
  •  Composite Fillings
  •  Crowns (Caps)
  •   Full and Partial Dentures
  •  Fixed Bridges
  •  Crowns
  •  Root Canals

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