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Aurora Tooth Whitening with Dr. Daniel Gianni

Almost all of us start off with sparkling white teeth, with the enamel which looks like porcelain. Our enamel is composed of microscopic crystalline rods, and is designed to protect the teeth from the effects of chewing, trauma and gnashing as well as acid attacks and sugars. Over the years the enamel is worn down, showing the yellow color of dentin which is the teeth core material.

How White Your Teeth Can Go To With Tooth Whitening? 

Tooth whitening results vary from every individual. Some get an excellent result that they are happy and delighted with, while the some others could be disappointed. Before going through any tooth whitening procedures it is advisable to ask your dentist for a realistic idea of how white your teeth will be after the procedure and how long it will take to achieve the desired results.  
Shade Guides

Before and after the process of tooth whitening, your tooth color is measured using a shade guide.  These are hand-held displays that dentist commonly use while choosing crowns and other restoration shades. Tooth whitening can lighten the tooth color by nine or more shades while some might see a change between two to seven shades, and these can be measured using a shade guide.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Daniel Gianni is an acclaimed dentist in Aurora Illinois and many of his patients look upto him as one of the most experienced and professional dentist, always striving to give the best in dental hygiene and care to the people of Aurora Illinois. Dr. Gianni completed his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Foreign Languages from the Loyola University. He has also received his doctorate in dentistry from the University Of Illinois School Of Dentistry and has been practicing dentistry since 1992. He is a certified professional in Invisalign and USDI Certified for Orthodontics. Dr. Gianni and his staff feel that their patients need to be educated first before carrying out any dental procedure be it tooth whitening or any other procedure.

Tooth whitening procedure

The tooth whitening procedures carried out by Dr. Gianni and his staff has successfully restored the smiles of patients with stained and dull teeth. Since the outer layer of the enamel is worn out leaving the dentin exposed, thereby giving the teeth a yellow color. Sometimes brushing and flossing do not help much in whitening the teeth.

People are now turning toward tooth whitening procedures to reverse these effects of aging and abuse caused by food and tobacco. Professionally done tooth whitening procedures are most effective and are safe as well. This is known as the at-office tooth whitening process, where the dentist prepares a tray that is custom made. Once the tray is ready it is filled with the tooth whitening gel and then applied to the teeth. A light is focused on the tray to activate the gel that speeds up the whitening process. The result is white dazzling teeth and you can walk out of the clinic confident enough to flash a smile.

Custom made trays are also made for in house tooth whitening process. Where the results are the same.

For a comfortable experience in tooth whitening meet Dr Gianni at Aurora Illinois.

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