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If you live in the Austin and surrounding areas and are looking for teeth whitening, why not check out Dr. Jordan Kavoosi. Dr.Kavoosi is an LVI fellow and has been in the area since 2001. Why do people want whitening of their teeth? It’s simple really, a white dazzling smile not only makes you look at feel good, it can also open doors that a yellow smile will not open and many people have many different reasons for wanting this particular procedure done. Teeth are porous and do stain easily.

A white smile is a happy and healthy smile and getting teeth whitening can really make a difference in how you feel about yourself. If you are in Austin, then Dr. Kavoosi is the one to call on to make your smile pearly and white. A whitening session includes some form of hydrogen peroxide and this removes all stains such as wine, smoking, lifestyle and genetics. This procedure may need to be repeated every one to five years depending upon lifestyle. Dr. Kavoosi has been in Austin since 2001 and has a degree in Dental Science from UT- San Antonio and is a graduate of LVI.

This is an office that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. Dr. Kavoosi and his office also focus on the holistic aspects of problems with the mouth. This is a one of a kind way of thinking for Austin residents. This way, all issues are addressed especially with whitening and smile issues so that you have a healthy and beautiful smile that dazzles and shines. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth and whitening is just one step in that particular process. There are many different procedures that can be used for white teeth and a happy smile.

Veneers can also be included as an option with teeth whitening. A consultation with Dr. Kavoosi is the best way to start out having a better smile in Austin. The consult will be able to pinpoint the best way to go about whitening your smile and having a health mouth. They will take into consideration lifestyles and other means of aging and discoloration of the teeth in question. Then the correct way of whitening will be applied by Dr. Kavoosi and the results will speak for themselves and do. Check the results out on his page.

If you are in the Austin area and would like to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening, please call 952 465 1182 to schedule a consult or use the contact form on his site to schedule an appointment. His office is located at 3355 Bee Cave Road, in Austin. You will also need to call for office hours. He is the best in town to deal with whitening your teeth and the results are fantastic. On his site, if you want proof, just look at the before and after photos of actual patients and their results. You will be so glad that you chose Dr. Kavoosi and you will have a killer smile as a result.

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