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A White Smile Is Worth a Million Words

A white smile invites a photographer to take a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. Where then are the other 999,000 words that add to the value of a white smile?

A white smile gives a listener something on which to focus. When a listener has been looking at a speaker, then that speaker feels that his or her words have been heard. How many words are spoken to others during the course of a day? Information from child development experts provides one clue, a clue that can help to answer that question.

Recently child development experts said that a pre-school age child should hear at least 30,000 spoken words a day. In that way, a child can better increase his or her vocabulary. Suppose then, that one were to come out with 30,000 words per day. If those words were spoken by someone with a white smile, then there is a good chance that those words were heard.

Since there are 365 days in a year, it does not take long for someone with a white smile to say one million words. Since listeners can focus on that smile, listeners will pay attention to those words. That is why a white smile is worth a million words.

Toastmasters and other speech makers can obviously benefit from having a white smile. The question that any speech maker might rightly pose at this point would probably concern how to whiten teeth. What teeth whitening products can help a speech maker to get a white smile?

Some teeth whitening products are designed to be used by a dentist. The patient who wants whiter teeth must thus spend time in a dentist’s chair. Other teeth whitening products meant to be used in the home.

All of the existing ways to whiten teeth rely on some type of bleaching. Some methods supplement that bleaching with a chemistry that serves to speed the bleaching process. Each of the existing methods furnishes the user of that method with a whiter and brighter smile.

When an older adult has a whiter smile, then people tend to notice that smile. People often overlook the fact that the same older adult has wrinkles or other blemishes on his or her face. As people concentrate their attention on that whiter smile, they tend to catch more of the information that comes from the man or woman with that smile.

When information comes with a white smile, it is like information that drifts in with pleasant-sounding music. A listener is ready to lend an ear to such information. If an announcement were made overtop the roar of a crowd, it would not get the same amount of attention. Similarly, a talk given by someone with yellow teeth might fail to receive a great deal of attention.

The public’s tendency to favor spoken words that come from well-dressed and smiling speakers underline the benefits of any tooth whitening products. Speakers who have a white smile are a pleasure to see and hear. Audiences feel comfortable watching such a speaker. The comfort level of the listener determines the value of the words that are spoken to that listener.

A comfortable listener pays close attention to whatever a speaker has chosen to say. A comfortable listener does not feel compelled to put a lot of unnecessary effort into the act of lending an ear to the speaker. The listener does not day dream while the speaker comes forth with much useful information. That model behavior, on the part of the listener, highlights the reason that a white smile is worth a million words.

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