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Professional teeth bleaching kits online

44% carbamide peroxide gel

Professional teeth bleaching kits online

  • 10cc syringe - enough gel for 30 treatments.
    • Same professional tooth bleaching gel used by a Cosmetic Dentist in-office.
    • Visible results after a single treatment.
    • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.
    • Dentist recommended & approved.
  • Complete instructions included
  • Item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!

Professional 44% Teeth Whitening Gel

Our 44% carbamide peroxide formula is our strongest gel available to the public. With the highest concentration of carbamide peroxide, our 44% gel will whiten your teeth in only a single treatment. Due to the high concentration of carbamide peroxide, it is not recommended for those with tooth sensitivity or bad overall oral health. (Use with caution) If you are looking for the fastest way to whiten your teeth, then our 44% teeth whitening gel is the optimal choice.

  • Most Advanced & Strongest Teeth Whitening Gel Available.

  • Visible results in a single treatment!

  • Used by Dentists world-wide.

  • Exact same gel professional cosmetic Dentists use in-office.

  • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.

  • Easy to follow at-home instructions.

  • Guaranteed fresh in sealed package.

  • 10cc syringe (30 treatments).

    Professional teeth bleaching kits online

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