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  Professional Teeth Whitening Kit + 36% Bleaching Gel

pro teeth whitening kit
 36% gels     laser light
Pro Whitening Kit Includes:
  • (3) Dental Grade 36% Bleaching Gels
  • * FREE extra 36% Gel ($29.95 value)
  • Custom Fit Mouth Trays
  • Remineral + Tooth Desensitize Gel
  • Laser Light + Lithium Batteries
  • Custom Tray Case + Shade Guide
  • Complete At-Home Instructions
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Complete Dental Tooth Bleaching Treatment

  • Our Most advanced teeth whitening kit available to the public with a plasma laser LED light included to increase the whitening speed by 300%.

  • Same system used by Cosmetic Dentists in-office.

  • Includes dental grade 36% carbamide peroxide.

    A typical chair side laser treatment performed by a Dentist in-office can run around $300.00 to $1,000.00.

    Our Pro Whitening Kit is clinically proven to whiten a patients teeth by up to 6-10 shades after a single treatment at-home.

    You can now skip a Dentist visit and achieve professional tooth bleaching results in the comfort of your own home!

Sale $49.95
Dentist Price: $299.00
Save $249.05

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Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
by Dramatic Smiles™

Clinical tests have shown that this is the most effective technology in modern teeth whitening. An obvious improvement is noticeable with in a single hour; It is safe and harmless to the tooth enamel.

Dramatic Smiles Dental Laboratories has developed the finest, highest-quality dental teeth whitening systems and gel in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry. Our best selling whitening kit is our Pro-Whitening System with professional strength 36% carbamide peroxide gel.

Cosmetic Dentists prefer 36% gel over other strengths of carbamide peroxide due to it's maximum tooth bleaching ingredients with minimal gum sensitivity. In fact, our 36% Pro-Whitening Kit is used by leading Cosmetic Dentists because they have found it to be one of the fastest ways to brighten their patients teeth with minimal time and treatments.


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Five Star  ...Works great with professional results... October 2, 2012
By H.Bala, New York City   

I have been searching for a professional teeth whitening kit for sometime online and came across Dramatic Smiles and wanted to try them out. After ordering the 36% kit and receiving it in the mail, I was excited to try it. The kit came with custom trays that formed to my teeth perfectly along with a tray case to store them. After reading the directions, I applied the gel to the trays and waited 30 minutes and took off the trays and went to the mirror.

After my first treatment I could see a visible whitening to the frontal portions of my teeth with little white blotches (later found out that this will disappear). I continued to whiten my teeth everyday and couldn't be happier with the results. I would recommend Dramatic Smiles to everyone looking for a professional whitening with great results all done at home. Thank you!

Five Star  ...Quick results and Fast Shipping!... September 3, 2012
By Sara K, Palm Beach, FL   

Very satisfied with the results using the 36% pro teeth whitening kit. After looking for a professional whitening session with a cosmetic dentist, they wanted over $300 for a one hour session. Fast shipping! A+

Five Star  ...Great Product Love the Results... August 27, 2012
By Thomas P, Minneapolis, MN   

Great teeth whitening kit with dental quality results. Had a problem with my trays and Dramatic Smiles staff offered me a new set for free. Will recommend to everyone at work. A+ service

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Your teeth will be bleached 6-10 shades or receive a full refund. It's our 30-day white smile guarantee.

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