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  35% Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

35% teeth whitening kit

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  • (3) 10cc 35% Dental Gel
  • Custom Fit Mouth Trays
  • Remineral + Desensitize Gel
  • Custom Tray Case
  • Shade Guide
  • Complete Instructions
  • Sealed Retail Package
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Worldwide Shipping!

Advanced 35% At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

    • - Most popular strength used by cosmetic dentists
      - Available in 35% CP
      - Eight Shades in 3 days or less
      - Includes desensitize + remineralize gel

      Its viscosity assures adherence to the tooth surface for fast, easy results. The bleaching effect is achieved immediately. Contains desensitizing agent. It acts on the nerve endings, by desensitizing them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimizing sensitivity and maximizing patient comfort.

      This professional quality 35% carbamide peroxide gel is used worldwide by Dentists. It is formulated with 100% pure formula -- no fillers or additives with optimized pH. Save over $200 for the exact same procedure done by your Dentist.

      You can finally have the exact same treatment done from the privacy of your home!

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Pro 35% Teeth Whitening Kit:

Are those yellowing teeth putting a real 'glitch' in your social life? Dramatic Smiles wants to help you get that beautiful winning smile that you have always yearned to have. Dramatic Smiles is now offering a 35% Pro-Whitening Kit at the unbelievable wholesale price of only $69.95. This kit has the all of the following advantages over other teeth whitening systems available on the market today:

• The gels offered in these kits are the 'exact same' gels used by Cosmetic Dentists in their dental offices. We sell our products to those dentists, worldwide!
• The 35% Pro-Whitening Kit will brighten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in just three days.
• Can be applied in the privacy of your own home.
• Each kit contains a thirty day supply of 'once-a-day' treatments for the best whitening results.
• Comes with a thirty day, money back guarantee!

What makes the 35% Pro-Whitening Kit so unique? It is its higher concentration of carbamide peroxide, which is the highest whitening agent one can use on an individual's teeth. This formula also has a higher viscosity which allows the gel to adhere to the tooth's surface in a faster and easier manner. In addition to its high viscosity, the 35% Pro-Whitening Kit has the bonus feature of a 'tooth de-sensitivity' agent which keeps your teeth from reacting to high or cold temperatures, such as when an individual consumes hot tea, or cold ice cream.
It is also one of the easiest formulas to use in your own home. The kit comes with customer fit trays for your mouth.

Using the 35% Teeth Whitening Kit:

Simply follow these easy directions:
• Position the custom tray in your mouth and 'suck out' the air to complete a 'custom fit'.
• Then you place the tray in boiling water for 3 seconds.
• Remove the tray from the water, and position the tray on your teeth. Repeat the sucking process.
• For optimum whitening effect, it is recommended that you place small drops of the gel on your front 6-8 teeth, being sure not to get any gel on your soft tissue (gums).
• Repeat this process daily, and your teeth will dramatically transform into the most beautifully, whitened teeth you have ever had!

Our Teeth Bleaching Results

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*Results are Guaranteed! Your Teeth Will Be Bleached Between 8-10 Shades Whiter or Your Money Back! It's Our Promise!

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