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Dental Strength 35% Teeth Whitening Gel

35% carbamide peroxide gel

35% Dental Whitening Gel Includes :

  • 10cc syringe - enough gel for 30 treatments.
    • Same professional tooth bleaching gel used by a Cosmetic Dentist in-office.
    • Visible results after a single treatment.
    • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.
    • Dentist recommended & approved.
  • Complete instructions included
  • Item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!

Professional 35% Teeth Whitening Gel

  • Most Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel Available.

  • Visible results after the first treatment with full results after 3 days.

  • Used by Dentists world-wide.

  • Exact same gel professional cosmetic Dentists use in-office.

  • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.

  • Easy to follow at-home instructions.

  • Guaranteed fresh in sealed package.

  • 10cc syringe (30 treatments).



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