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  22% Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

22% teeth whitening kit


  • (3) 10cc 22% Dental Gel
  • Custom Fit Mouth Trays
  • Remineral + Desensitize Gel
  • Custom Tray Case + Shade Guide
  • Complete Instructions
  • Sealed Retail Package
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Worldwide Shipping!

Zero Tooth Sensitivity with 22% Gel

    • - Most popular strength for clients with sensitive teeth
      - Available in 22% CP
      - Eight Shades in 5 days or less
      - Includes desensitize + remineralize gel

      - Recommended for patients with sensitive teeth

      Our 22% Hi-Intensity Strength Gel was rated #1 in a national blind survey among other national manufactures. (Recommended for first-time users and those with sensitive gums.)

      You can finally have the exact same treatment done from the privacy of your home!

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Dramatic Smiles Pro 22% Kit:

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but for those unfortunate people who are experiencing yellowing or browning teeth, it seems that smile is not a possibility. Dramatic Smiles has good news for those people who may be suffering from yellowing teeth due to smoking, genetics, medications, or even possible aging. Dramaticsmiles.com offers a revolutionary whitening kit formula which is currently used by dental professionals and can now be offered to the customer who can apply this whitening kit in the privacy of his/her own home. The 22 % Pro-Whitening Kit is a five day treatment for those who not only need whiter teeth but also have teeth which are sensitive to extreme hot or cold.

The 22% Pro-Whitening Kit offers the following advantages over other whitening kits on the market:
•Our lowest carbomide peroxide concentration of 22% is recommended for individuals with highly sensitive teeth.
•This whitening kit can save the individual from a dental application fee of $399.00 by offering the exact same peroxide formula for a mere $59.95. That's a savings of $339.05.
•This 22% formula will increase your teeth whitening of eight shades brighter within only 5 days!
•This formula includes a de-sensitizing and re-mineralizing gel which is not only safe, but effective in whitening your teeth within just a few days.
•You can have the exact same dental whitening as you would get from a dentist in the privacy of your own home!
In addition, this kit contains the most 'dramatic' formula for the most dramatic results of whitening your teeth. This kit contains: a custom tray for your teeth whitening; three 10cc vials of 22% carbamide peroxide gels; a complete shade guide with step-by-step instructions; and a completely sealed retail package. All of these features sent to you with free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee!

Dramatic Smiles' formula of 22% carbamide peroxide is perfect for the first time user of teeth whitening products. This safe and animal byproducts free formula was rated number one in a national 'blind survey' among other manufacturers of teeth whitening formulas. This exact same formula is sold to Cosmetic Dentists throughout the nation and contains a 'kosher' grade of glycerin that is safe and highly effective.

Using the 22% Teeth Whitening Kit:

The in-home application is as easy as placing the tray in boiling water for 3 seconds, positioning the tray in the customer's mouth, sucking out the air, and gently placing small drops on the individual's front 6-8 teeth, taking care not to get any gel on the soft tissue (gums). Repeating this application every day for just five days will transform the individual's teeth up to eight shades whiter!



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